Restaurant Review: Provision


The restaurant’s name suggests that the food is only what you need, nothing more. The actual food is far more fancy than the name suggests.

Provision isn’t a regular eatery. Its eye-watering prices are the kind for a restaurant that is only dinner in for special occasions, as entrees range from $21-41, and the meat goes into the $50 range. But with the high price tag, comes high quality.

Unlike some fancy restaurants today, Provision’s serving sizes are actually big enough for one human. Three courses is not needed for a full meal.

Upon entering the restaurant and walking up the stairs, a customer is immediately greeted with the sign of an expensive restaurant: a visible wine cellar.

The wait staff are well-trained. Some are so well trained, in fact, that their lines seem to come from a script, literally. They are almost like robots, reciting the lines word-for-word to the customer. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though.

The food was superb. That was expected, given the prices. The Tortelloni, with its “cheese wall” and ravioli-like stuffed pasta, was flavorful and filling. The kale that came with the dish was not as bad as some believe.

Large quantities of meat, when done correctly, can be the highlight of a dinner. This was the case at Provision. The 7 0z. Angus steak, their smallest slab of meat, cooked well done, was very good. The meat was cooked to perfection, and the assorted accompanying toppings only added to the flavor of the dish.

The Snapper, so called for the Red Snapper fish that is the focus of the dish, was amazing. The fish was cooked perfectly by the kitchen, as it was perfectly golden and fell apart gracefully. The accoutrements, or toppings, which included brussel sprouts and caramelized onions, complimented the fish perfectly.

Finally, the scallops, the second seafood dish, was delectable. With the accompanying gnocchi, spinach and cauliflower, the scallops tasted fresh and cooked all the way through. 9/10

Ian McCormick

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