80/20 rule not beneficial for students

September 27, 2022

With the end of the first midterm, students and parents are starting to see the impact of the 80/20 grading policy. Eighty percent of students’ grades are decided by mastery assignments, tests and projects,...

Two students wear the shoes in the Student Center.

New shoes take school by storm

Abel Flessner September 16, 2022

At NC we have a lot of people wearing a lot of different things. Some of these things are crazy, and to the average person, seem very odd. One of these things is the foam golf ball shoes that people wear. There...

The lunch workers have laid out the sides in preparation for the lunch periods.

School lunch has changed too much

David Dierks September 8, 2022

Countless changes have been occurring throughout the school the past few years due to COVID-19, with the worst of all being the school lunches. Drastic changes have happened to school lunches from pre-COVID,...

A junior checks his phone during class.

Technology in the classroom: sin or virtue

Isaiah Wade September 1, 2022

Gen Z is the generation that uses and relies on technology the most. The internet, social media and technology as a whole bring a lot of great things to the table. Though, it can be argued that every positive...

Signs around the school notify students and staff of the new school hours.

The start time change: a bad idea

Isaiah Wade August 19, 2022

Among the various changes to NC this year, one that affects everyone is the start time being changed from 7:20 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.. Having a later start time comes with some pros, but the cons arguably outweigh...

Junior drivers walk through the tennis court lot in the morning.

Juniors discuss new parking

Abel Flessner August 18, 2022

Starting this school year, construction is affecting the convenience and location of student parking. Seniors can park in the senior lot, but juniors are forced to park on the tennis courts and walk through...

First Watch is a great place to start your morning

First Watch is a great place to start your morning

Kevin Courtney April 28, 2022

Waking up on an early morning can be tough. Finding the right spot to enjoy a nice breakfast can be even tougher. It’s satisfying to wake up to a nice cup of coffee and warm pancakes. Not having a great...

The Edible Rim Milkshake from TeeJays Sweet Tooth offers a choice of milkshake flavor and a choice of candy topping around the rim of the cup.

A Craving for TeeJay’s Sweet Tooth

Kevin Courtney March 17, 2022

Ice cream is one of those desserts that always seems to satisfy your needs. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes with many delicious flavors. Not only can you choose from various toppings, you can...

Students feel they have the freedom to be on their phones whenever they want, even though many teachers try to stop them. Phones can be distracting, but can also be helpful in school.

Should cellphones be allowed in classrooms?

Antionette Frazier March 17, 2022

A teacher's worst nightmare is the infamous cell phone. To some this is the ultimate distraction, but can phones be beneficial to a student’s classroom environment?  Cell phones have always been...

By 7 a.m. all of the regular student parking spots are full so underclassmen have resorted to parking in Senior Honor Code spots.

Seniors angered by stolen spots

Seth Eaton March 10, 2022

As many students begin to receive their driver’s licenses, the parking lot fills up early in the morning.  Due to the limited student parking spaces, finding a spot has become more difficult even...

The school board will discuss the school time changes and vote on an decision March 23 2022.

Board discusses change in start times

Mia Behringer March 8, 2022

On Wednesday night the Washington Township school board discussed the pros and cons of the high school switching start times with elementary schools. Elementary school students have a start time of 8:30...

Students who take weights as a class workout every day for almost an hour and many students have began seeing results.

Results seen after taking weights class

Kaden Edwards March 8, 2022

Weights is offered as a class during the school day as well as after school at NC. Many teams have designated after-school weights times. Individuals who choose to wake up early can attend before school....

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