Juniors should be required to take final exams

Sarah McPherson, Entertainment Staff April 25, 2024

This semester, juniors and seniors are not required to take final exams in classes they have an 80% or higher in. Freshmen and sophomores are still required to take all finals. Last year, seniors were...

Nora Crew Carwash provides convenience, student jobs

Nora Crew Carwash provides convenience, student jobs

Jackson Gentile, Sports Staff April 25, 2024

Crew Carwash has recently opened a new location at 86th and Westfield, right across the street from NC. As the school year draws to a close, many students eagerly anticipate summer break and are on...

Senior celebrations to look forward to

Victoria White, Sports Staff April 18, 2024

As the year comes to a close, seniors deserve something to look forward to to commemorate all their hard work and efforts throughout their twelve years of school. NC offers four events to celebrate seniors...

Illumine Coffee Co. is worth the wait

Sarah McPherson, Entertainment Staff April 17, 2024

Illumine Coffee Co. is located on Westfield Blvd. right behind NC, making it an easy stop for students on the way to school. Inside, you’ll find cozy spots to sit and enjoy your morning roast, as well...

Seniors should have a senior skip day

Whitney Scherrer, Feature Staff April 16, 2024

There has been lots of debate surrounding an alleged senior skip day. What day should it be? Should it be punished? Should we even do it? With lots of new leadership in the administrative staff more,...

Bring back Steak ‘n Shake

Sarah McPherson, Entertainment Staff March 29, 2024

As we know, the Nora Steak ‘n Shake has recently been shut down and is now opening up as a new Crew Carwash. I think Steak ‘n Shake was a good place that students were able to walk to after school...

TikTok ban limits opportunities for expression

Alva Erskine, Feature Staff March 20, 2024

The ban on TikTok hits high schoolers hard. It's like taking away their favorite hangout spot and a big part of their social life. For many teens, TikTok is where they chat with friends, share jokes and...

Where is Kate Middleton?

Kate Baldwin, Entertainment Staff March 20, 2024

Over the past three months, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge (otherwise known as Princess of Wales), has been reportedly missing or unseen since Christmas. The people of England and America...

Dunkin’ should open a new location

Addison Abram, Sports Staff March 15, 2024

Last week I wanted to get Dunkin’ for my friends and I for breakfast, but I found myself driving all the way up to Fishers, which was out of my way. There are Dunkin’ locations in surrounding areas...

Senior reflects on college application process

Victoria White, Sports Staff March 12, 2024

I started my college application process in early June 2023. I first set up my Common App with all the details needed, so it would be ready by August 1. I had already made a list of over 20 schools...

Classroom construction disrupts learning environment

Classroom construction disrupts learning environment

Sarah McPherson, Entertainment Staff March 11, 2024

At the beginning of the school year, many teachers were displaced from their classrooms because of construction. While the fieldhouse was built, other classrooms were being updated as well. As classroom...

Some students prefer graduating early

Jackson Gentile, Sports Staff March 8, 2024

Graduating high school a semester early has become an increasingly popular choice among seniors for various reasons. Firstly, some students opt for early graduation to pursue higher education or enter...

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