Columnist lists seven best ways to spend summer

Columnist lists seven best ways to spend summer

Ke'Vion Wellington May 8, 2023

During the summer, high school students have a great opportunity to explore various activities that can enhance their personal growth and development. Engaging in different activities during the summer...

Pep rallies should return to schedule

Pep rallies should return to schedule

Jackson Scott May 8, 2023

Pep rallies are a fun way to get the school community involved in school spirit.  Many schools host several pep rallies throughout the year, however NC is one of few schools that does not host any.  “Pep...

Senior finals exemption solves variety of end-of-year issues

Senior finals exemption solves variety of end-of-year issues

Editorial staff April 28, 2023

Administration has implemented a new policy that allows seniors to be exempt from finals if they have an 82.5% or higher in their classes by May 5. This excludes ACP or JEL classes as well as classes that...

Snapchat AI provides unnecessary technological friend

Snapchat AI provides unnecessary technological friend

Abel Flessner April 28, 2023

In recent months, AI bots have been taking the world by storm. First ChatGPT and now Snapchat AI, these AI bots are capable of being there for people when humans cannot. For some, it may even be difficult...

Administration should consider traffic when punishing late students

Administration should consider traffic when punishing late students

Antionette Frazier April 24, 2023

Due to recent absences and excessive student tardiness, administration has started cracking down and disciplining students. Students may be late to class because of irresponsible use of their six minute...

Student walks into school to make it to class before the 8:30 a.m. start time.

Later start time benefits students

Edmond Arauco April 18, 2023

The current school day start time is 8:30 a.m. This time needs to be moved to later in the morning. Luckily, the school is granting that wish. Next year the start time is being pushed back to 8:35 a.m.  Five...

A cap and diploma are on display outside the counselors office.

So long, high school: perspectives from a senior

Madeline Melton April 10, 2023

Senior year of high school marks the end of a significant chapter in a student's life. Senior year is a time to reflect, make new and connect with old friends, celebrate achievements and prepare for the...

Students eat lunch in the cafeteria.

Students discuss school lunch issues

Jackson Scott March 29, 2023

School lunch needs to change. School lunch periods are currently 24 minutes, however the recommended lunch time is 30 minutes for middle and high school students, according to the School Nutrition Association. “24...

Dr. White (right) speaks with a member of the staff on Thursday, his first day.

New hires bring fresh perspectives, potential culture change

Editorial staff March 24, 2023

Staff turnover in recent years has been a well-covered and troubling trend. On a more hopeful note, however, some of the recent additions to the faculty and staff have contributed to positive change in...

College pennants hang outside the counselors office.

Columnist shares tips for seniors deciding on college

Antionette Frazier March 21, 2023

Seniors are now preparing for their upcoming graduation, and many seniors after graduating are planning on attending college in the fall. Picking a college can be stressful and hard especially if you have...

The petition started by freshman Ada Kirchoff has been electronically signed by supporters.

Physicality of show choir makes petition for PE credit valid

Madeline Melton March 20, 2023

The definition of a sport is any activity involving physical exertion in which a team or individual  competes for others enjoyment and entertainment. Some would argue that competitive dance could fit...

Glacier in Alaska is at greater risk of melting and being destroyed because of oil drilling.

President’s approval of oil drilling stirs the U.S. in the wrong direction

Seth Eaton, Opinion Section Editor March 17, 2023

Earlier this week, the Biden administration approved energy firm ConocoPhillips for an oil drilling project in Alaska called the ‘Willow Project.’ According to estimates by ConocoPhillips, this project...

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