Melton plays the lead role in a musical. Melton is used to singing and dancing on stage, which helps her prepare for different roles.

Student reflects on theater career

Gus Osborn September 22, 2021

Rehearsals for the fall musical “Mamma Mia!” have begun as auditions have come to a close. The actors and musicians in the production will be practicing from the week of Sept 20, 2021 until the premiere...

Many classrooms at North Central have no windows. Students feel that when a classroom has windows it provides a better learning environment.

Natural light improves cognition

Johnny Marshall September 10, 2021

Recently a survey was conducted with 44 students at North Central about how windows might correlate with energy, focus and optimism levels by the end of the school day. Students answered questions on a...

Senior photo yearbook sign-up

September 9, 2021

Check this space for reserving your time for your official senior yearbook photo. If you don't schedule an appointment, your ID picture will be used. As a reminder: • clothing should be school...

Gavin Washam films a commercial during his six month stay in China. Washam had the opportunity to experience Chinese culture.

Student reflects on time in China

Nate Kileen August 31, 2021

Junior Gavin Washam has an experience many will never have, living in China for a year. In 2013, Washam, his parents and his six-year-old sister moved to Shanghai, China for his father’s job. His father...

Paul Loggan sits on the soccer couch with upperclassmen from the student section. Each year upperclassmen get the opportunity to enjoy the game from the seats of a comfortable couch.

Soccer tradition returns

Gus Osborn August 18, 2021

The infamous couch of the soccer program will make its return to the field this season. The soccer couch had been a big part of the soccer program's culture until it was broken two years ago. The return...

In lieu of recent gun violence, many students have questioned safety in schools. At NC there are many cops monitoring every entrance.

Recent gun violence incidents raise questions about safety

Cole, Reporter April 30, 2021

On April 15, a gunman, Brandon Hole, killed eight people and injured seven at a Fedex Ground facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. After the shooting, the gunman turned the gun on himself, bringing the death...

Students perform at a past theater performance. This year theater students have only had one real performance, and their second is this weekend.

Final theater performance of the year to take place

Avi Sarkar, Reporter April 29, 2021

The “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” is a comical musical about the annual Putnam spelling bee. This is only the second theater production for the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19.  The...

Senior Charlie Kauffman was eliminated in the first round of Senior Assassin. They are currently in the second round of what could be many more.

Senior Assassin underway

Gus Osborn, Reporter April 14, 2021

Senior Assassin is an annual game that seniors play which begins the week after spring break. Jay Grosfeld and Meg Newman are this year's game makers, which means that they make the rules, register participants...

Marissa Bardo sits on a bench downtown. Bardo is a freshman, and has had to adjust to the school.

First day of school a big deal for freshman

Israel Darring, Reporter March 24, 2021

For many students, their first day of high school is one they will never forget. Junior Marissa Bardo says that her first day will always be a day to remember, as it was an important start to her high...

A senior aims to eliminate Gordon Ramsey from the game. Senior assassin is returning this year under new COVID protocols.

Senior Assassin returns under new protocols

Moniouluwa Asekonuwo and Avi Sarkar, Reporter March 23, 2021

Senior Assassin is a tradition that many students participate in their senior year. This year it will look a little different though. Social distancing, masks and student safety are all aspects that those...

Students perform at an NC theater production. This year theater students have been limited due to COVID protocols.

Theater director ranks his favorite musical productions

Lucy Pappas, Reporter March 16, 2021

Theater director Joe King ranks his top ten favorite productions.  1. Les Miserables "The production was amazing from top to bottom. We even had an automated 30-feet wide revolving circular stage...

Freshmen experiencing a unique start

Freshmen experiencing a unique start

Israel Darring, Reporter February 24, 2021

  Due to COVID-19, freshmen have missed out on all sorts of traditions that usually occur. The class of 2024 have to get used to and adapt to the changes going into high school. Many are disappointed...

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