Player Profile: Kirezi Freddy


Senior Kirezi Freddy has enjoyed playing soccer his whole life. He now plays varsity soccer.

Senior Kirezi Freddy has been playing soccer for as long has he can remember. He is the starting forward on varsity and is looking forward to a productive season before college.

Last season, Freddy had a solid season as he scored 17 goals and six assists.

Freddy is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa and the adjustment he had to make was difficult. It was a fresh start to life in general and so far, he has enjoyed it.

“It was difficult, we moved here as refugees and didn’t really know much about America and didn’t know much english. It was basically like starting our lives over again. Once I got used to it, it has been great and I enjoy living here,” Freddy said.

Soccer has been a passion of his as long as he has been alive. It is something that always puts him in a great frame of mind.

“The passion and freedom I get from playing has always been my way out. When I am playing, I don’t think about anything but the ball. When I’m upset, soccer always seems to cheer me up,” Freddy said.

Last year the team came up short as they lost to Castle High School in Semi-State. Freddy has higher expectations and will lead the team one game at a time. He has learned over three years to not underestimate anyone.

“I’ve learned to never underestimate any team because in past years we lost to teams that we looked down on and thought we were beating,” Freddy said.

This season, Freddy wants to become a better leader and improve overall as a player in all aspects of his game.

“I want to improve on being a better leader, and hopefully score some goals, as a team, I would like to improve every game and try our best every day to win.” Freddy said.

Freddy has been a star for the team and has high aspirations to lead the team to a state championship.