This week in student government with Emma Burris


Q: What events are you guys preparing for right now?

A: “We’re working on spirit week and it includes different stuff to wear every week.”

Q: How are you guys preparing for spirit week?

A: “We have a lot of work to do mainly because we’re working with the seniors and administration to see what they want. Also charging people $1 to wear a hat to raise money for Puerto Rico.”

Q: How do you think the seniors will react to spirit week?

A: “Spirit week is something that is growing and is only going to continue to get better.
The main reason of the spirit week is to raise money for Puerto Rico and give seniors something to look forward to, we partnered up with the North Central Men’s Basketball Team to wear the Puerto Rico shirts to the game.”

Q: Do you guys go all out for spirit week?

A: “Of course we have to lead by example and show everyone how fun it is to participate in school activities. Many people think participating is lame but in reality it shows support for the student class.”