Tesla, a not so green car

Seth Eaton November 16, 2022

Tesla, a not so green car As mentioned in my previous post, gasoline powered cars play a large role in climate issues. Cars release a lot of harmful pollutants and carbon emissions into the atmosphere....

Officer Evans’ takes on North Central

Cailyn Robertson November 16, 2022

School officers have varying duties around the school. From monitoring students during lunches to breaking up fights in the student center, these cops are responsible for ensuring the safety of the students...

Basketball in full swing

Grant Gooden November 15, 2022

Every year students enjoy spending their weeknights watching girls and boys basketball games. Last year, both the boys and girls seasons ended early in sectionals, so both teams are looking for redemption...

North Central offers many extra curricular opportunities

North Central offers many extra curricular opportunities

Bella Wilson November 15, 2022

NC has lots of opportunities to get involved in different councils, teams and clubs. Senior Dylan Butts shares about her experience with getting involved at school.  “I am a part of women's lacrosse,”...

Toilet filth found in upper J bathroom

Bathrooms become uncomfortably dirty

David Dierks November 14, 2022

Have you ever walked in a bathroom and been disgusted by what you see? Everytime I go to the bathroom I feel dirty standing there looking down at the toilets. There is always pee and feces on the entire...

Insufficient traffic direction slows student arrival

November 11, 2022

Recently, transportation to school has been a major inconvenience for students, whether they ride the bus, drive or get dropped off. For student drivers, the issue has been especially prevalent. Since...

Young basketball player discusses start of season

Young basketball player discusses start of season

Sam Roberts November 10, 2022

Sophomore Denhm Holt has been playing basketball for 12 years. He plays at D1 Indiana and here at NC as a combo guard.  “I am really looking forward to the Ben Davis game because it’s a men's and...

eLearning day overall unproductive for students

eLearning day overall unproductive for students

Abel Flessner November 10, 2022

On Tuesday, students were instructed to stay home for an eLearning day on Election Day Teachers were forced to go to school and partake in meetings. The idea was for students to have about 30 minutes of...

No hood rule still unpopular

November 9, 2022

Ever since elementary school we have always been told not to wear hats or hoods in school, but as we grow older there is really no reason to enforce this rule. Administrators say that it is to identify...

Seniors get to vote for the first time

Abel Flessner November 7, 2022

Every year, seniors in high school that turn 18 and register to vote by the deadline get to vote in the election for the first time in their lives. They sign up, and are designated a specific location...

Jeff Harkin discusses safety protocols among administrators

Anna Grueninger and Charlee Doyle November 7, 2022

Assistant principal Jeff Harkin has been at North Central for one year prior to the 2022-2023 school year. In this past year, Harkin and other administrators underwent numerous protocols for safety at...

Students haunt Childrens Museum Haunted House

Students haunt Children’s Museum Haunted House

Cailyn Robertson November 1, 2022

On October 12, the 58th annual Children’s Museum Guild Haunted House opened in downtown Indianapolis. This year’s theme is “Game Night Fright!” The creation of this event falls upon the Guild,...

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