Senior finals exemption solves variety of end-of-year issues


Editorial staff

Administration has implemented a new policy that allows seniors to be exempt from finals if they have an 82.5% or higher in their classes by May 5. This excludes ACP or JEL classes as well as classes that have a group- or project-based final. 

It is logical that second semester seniors who are performing well in their academic classes be exempt from final exams. Often, second semester seniors only take three or four academic classes anyway. If they have proven they understand the content through practice and mastery assignments, a cumulative test is not necessary. 

Second semester seniors have completed college and career preparation and applications. By the time spring and graduation roll around many are committed to post high school plans. For students in good academic standing, these factors make finals insignificant. 

Additionally, it is a nice gesture to the seniors. Seniors are down to their last month and it is nice that they do not have to stress about taking finals before they leave. 

NC is not the first school to have this policy implemented. Other schools in the area have been doing this for some time, so it is not ridiculous for NC to join them.

The other classes have expressed frustration that the policy does not apply to them. While this is understandable, it is also true that it is important for younger grades to be able to prove their comprehension of the material. Studying and taking finals are a reality of high school and college education and it is important for underclassmen to have that experience.

FInal exemption forms must be signed by the parent, student, and teacher to be valid. Grades will be checked for the final time on May 19. If the seniors grade has dropped below 82.5% between May 5 and May 19 they will have to take the final.