Students Demand Action club speaks out against gun violence

Students Demand Action club speaks out against gun violence

Mirabella Russel

Students Demand Action is a club that brings awareness to gun violence, which affects the US and the local community. Guns are the number one killer of our generation. 

In this club, students learn about how background checks, repealing ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, alternate dispatch, attacks on gun trafficking and extreme risk laws for those mentally unstable can all be very beneficial in helping against all forms of gun violence. 

Students join their parent organization, Moms Demand Action, which is a larger gun violence group to spread awareness to the community. 

On February 15 there was a rally with Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action. The Students Demand Action club got a chance to participate in the rally and meet with legislators and state senators based on where they live. 

This day followed the Michigan State shooting, so tensions were high and support was guided to House Bill 1471- requiring guns to be locked and unloaded with ammunition stored somewhere else. As well as Senate Bill 358 – calling for similar measures and for gun owners to report in 24 hours if the gun is stolen or missing.  

Sophomore Alexis Sammy is the treasurer of Students Demand Action. 

“I joined this club because gun violence has been such a large issue in our generation, from instances such as Treyvon Martin, Breonna Taylor and countless others. We see how gun violence has caused unnecessary deaths and how it’s left a mark on our country,” Sammy said.

“As a student it is scary to see how we are often not even safe at school, where it feels we’re not even certain to return. Parents don’t expect to send their kids to school only to never see them again, but that has been an unfortunate reality,” Sammy said. 

From Sandy Hook to Parkland, many people have become scared and uncertain. Students Demand Action wants to step up and become part of a movement that can make changes so that future generations will not have to experience the same fear.