Bathrooms become uncomfortably dirty


Toilet filth found in upper J bathroom

David Dierks

Have you ever walked in a bathroom and been disgusted by what you see? Everytime I go to the bathroom I feel dirty standing there looking down at the toilets. There is always pee and feces on the entire toilet, more than just the seats, and holes in the walls from where sinks and urinals used to be.

Bathrooms should be kept clean and usable for people who need to use them throughout the day, and not feel disgust before even going inside the bathroom. Although it is just a bathroom nobody wants to go have to clean the toilet for five minutes before being able to use it.

It’s the responsibility of more than just the staff but also the students to keep these bathrooms clean, as we are the ones to use them. We have to collectively not throw trash in the toilets and make sure to clean them after we use them if we are the reason it becomes dirty each day. It takes two seconds to clean after yourself rather than making other students feel disgusted before even entering the bathroom due to the grossness and dirtiness they know they will encounter.

“I don’t think I have ever walked into a clean bathroom in my time of being here, there is always something gross going on with them,” Junior Justin Perez-Sanchez said.

Although some would say you’re only in the bathroom for a few minutes and it is not that big of a deal being in and out, many students agree the bathrooms should be kept clean throughout the day and be a comfortable, non disgusting, place to use the bathroom instead of having to debate if it is worth going or not. It takes more than just staff to keep the bathrooms clean but it needs the commitment of the students who are using them every day.