JEL offers students opportunity to health care careers


Bella Wilson

The J. Everett Light Career Center offers a wide range of classes to help students explore and jumpstart their post-high school plans. JEL has over 22 career focused programs. Specifically, there are multiple healthcare related classes students can choose from. 

These classes give students the opportunity to explore specific fields of healthcare that can better prepare them for further education. 

Health careers, CNA prep, medical assisting, dental careers, and emergency medical technician are all courses students can choose from to study specifically. 

Junior Victoria Pinkton takes the CNA class.

“I have been in a healthcare related class for two years now,” Pinkton said.

Students taking the CNA class learn nursing assistant skills, adult, child and infant CPR and how to take and interpret vital signs.

“We learn how to care for nursing home residents,” Pinkton said. 

 These classes provide tools, like hospital beds, fake life size patients, fake medicine  and more. The tools allow students to be able to practice their study in a way that is realistic to a future nursing career. 

“I would like to work in the nursing field, this class is helping me gain knowledge about health care and helping me to earn my nursing certificates,” Pinkton said. 

Students having the ability to use realistic tools in class helps them familiarize themselves with commonly used items in the nursing field. Furthermore, students having the opportunity to work towards achieving certificates through this class makes for an advantage when in higher education. 

Junior Sarah Garcia takes the EMT course. This class runs three hours a day and can be taken for one or two years. Students will be able to perform the skills needed in a time of emergency to potentially save one’s life. 

Becoming similar with emergency first aid, analyzing emergency situations, transporting patients and monitoring vital signs are all topics this course encompasses. 

Students all over central Indiana come to JEL for these courses. Westfield and Nobelsville high schools are a few of the schools that take advantage of these programs. There are hundreds of career based opportunities for NC students to take advantage of at JEL.