Pep rallies should return to schedule


Jackson Scott, News Staff

Pep rallies are a fun way to get the school community involved in school spirit. 

Many schools host several pep rallies throughout the year, however NC is one of few schools that does not host any. 

“Pep rallies are fun. We used to have them all time in middle school. I liked them because they provide something interesting during the day. School gets boring when you do the same thing every day,” junior Taylor Nickols said.

“Pep rallies can be kinda lame. The seats are uncomfortable and you’re in that hot gym. At least we get to do something besides school work. I wouldn’t mind having a few though,” junior Spencer Hamilton said. 

“We need pep rallies. We should have them instead of the boring homerooms,” freshman Ryan Alkire said.

“Pep rallies are funny as hell. They are also super interesting. School would be so much better if we had them. Once every month is perfect,” senior Andrew Parmelee said.

Pep rallies not only provide fun for students, they also relieve stress from many students who are facing tests and other important assignments. 

While pep rallies take away class time, it is important to have a healthy balance of fun and learning. 

Pep rallies help so many students in a time where teens’ struggle with mental health is more prevalent than ever. 

NC students hope to start having pep rallies in the upcoming 2023-24 school year.