Restaurant Review: Cholita Tacos


Restaurants come and go in Broad Ripple. So many, in fact, that one will be there one week, and will be gone and replaced the next.

One of those new restaurants is Cholita Tacos, at the corner of Winthrop and Broad Ripple Avenue.

The shop will be the one thousandth taco restaurant in Indianapolis, Cholita is the second taco restaurant to be open in Broad Ripple, the first being Condado, a previously reviewed restaurant.

Located beneath a pilates studio, Cholita is a relatively small restaurant, with no more than 25 tables and a bar. The all wood interior, along with the artwork placed around the restaurant does well to set the mood.

Like most of the taco restaurants around town, Cholita gives customers a choice of getting one, two or three tacos. These can be selected from a menu of around 15 tacos.

The choice tacos that were reviewed were the cactus and cauliflower tacos.

The cactus taco, as the name suggests, contains the meat of a cactus paddle. This is certainly a unique taco that is hard to find anywhere else. The cactus is delicious, and goes well with the onions, tomatoes and other assortments that top the taco.

The cauliflower taco, despite its name, does not contain cauliflower. It does, however, have a hearty helping of mexican pork. The pork is cooked to perfection, and goes spectacularly with the cilantro and onions atop the pork. Overall Rating:  9.2/10

-Ian McCormick