Student Section Theme Tradition


An important part of any sporting event is excited fans cheering on the team. Nothing fuels team spirit as much as a loud and excited student section.

It is tradition to have a designated student section theme. Students dress up to have a great time and to cheer on their team.

The student section theme at NC is decided by specific seniors who run the official student section Twitter account, @NCHS_studentsec. This responsibility is passed on from class to class.

The students who run it are Seniors Max Kercheval and Michael Grueninger.

NC student section makes sure to tweet out the theme along with the time and location for each major sporting event. In recent weeks, themes have included “blackout,” “jerseys,”  and “hawaiian.”

If students have theme ideas, the NC student section is always taking recommendations. Students can direct message the twitter account with their suggested theme.

-Ian Ray