Students enjoy Peter and The Starcatcher


Peter and The Starcatcher has students feeling young again. On Sept. 7 the stage lit up with excitement as theater teacher Nathan Shewell’s cast of the fall musical performed in the auditorium.

“It’ll make the students feel young again with laughter, excitement, and enjoyment. Everyone has an important role in this ensemble. We have been rehearsing for four weeks,” Shewell said.

Junior Henry Whitmore in stagecraft believes Peter and The Starcatcher will bring back the childhood memories of everyone’s favorite Disney character.

“It’s basically the origin of how Peter Pan became Peter Pan. I think the audience will love to see their favorite character in action,” Whitmore said.

The cast of the play worked hard for this kind of audience. “It takes a lot of dedication and practice for a play a like this, its for any age, old or young,” Whitmore said.

Max Powell and Cal Welker