School enforces new code of conduct


Students previously where not advised to wear IDs. New school rules make students wear lanyard and ID.

The start of a new school year means new changes and one of the biggest changes to come to NC is the new code of conduct.

Assistant principal, Marla Palacios, played a major role in the creation of the code of conduct document.

“The code of conduct was created as a district level document,” Palacios said, “We wanted one document that we can all work off of.”

The document has been in the works for over a year. Many teachers and administrators have contributed to its creation and implementation.

“The code of conduct is a four level system with different behavioral responses in each one,” Palacios said.

The purpose of the new code of conduct is to promote more transparency and consistency in the district’s disciplinary system. Since it is a district wide document it is applicable for student even in elementary school.

“[The code of conduct] helps in transitions. When you start in elementary school you will know what is expected going into middle school and high school,” Palacios said.

As well as an overall change in the code of conduct, the school is also implementing a rule that requires students to wear student IDs around their necks. Student safety is the main reason behind this change.

“In the case of emergency, having that out, having that visible, lets us know that’s a North Central student,” Palacios said.

It has always been an expectation for staff to have their IDs visible, but this year is the first time students are being held to the same standard.

Implementing a new code of conduct with a school of 4,000 students is a huge task, so while the rules remain the same, the code of conduct is subject to change as administrators see fit.