Spring break provides benefits for students


Kaiser poses for a photo on a balcony on her spring break.

Sophie Johnson, Opinion Editor

Spring break is typically just associated with warm destinations and traveling, but it also has many benefits for students’ mental and physical well being. 

According to Psychology Today’s 2023 Stress Statistics, 75% of students experience stress, anxiety or depression surrounding school.  

While high school students approach finals, AP exams, graduation and sporting events, the week of spring break gives students a time to take a break from their regular stress. 

A long break from school can also improve teenagers’ physical health. Stress and anxiety can cause sleeplessness, changes in appetite and weight, high blood pressure and irritability. 

“I definitely think spring break is beneficial, especially for students,” freshman Lucy Kaiser said, “It gives me a chance to spend time with my family and get away for a bit.”

Kaiser enjoys the break she gets from school and how it helps her academic performance. 

“It gets me in a good headspace for the rest of the year,” Kaiser said, “I feel like I can relax.”

Studies have shown that taking breaks relaxes the brain from active thinking, which increases productivity. Frequent breaks within school are beneficial, but longer breaks offer teenagers a necessary break from daily routine. 

“Without spring break I feel like I wouldn’t have a good time at the end of the school year to rest,” Kaiser said. 

While it doesn’t take a beach destination to take a mental break from school, Kaiser recalls her favorite past spring break memory.

“I went on a cruise to Mexico a while back and it was a great chance for me to make memories with my family,” Kaiser said.