Spec Cuts Update


The final four specs for the class of 2018 include “Yikes!” by Rania Zakaria, Nathan Miller and Corey Boland, “All in your head” by Mia Purcell, Jacob Gage and Carly Gundaker, “Shakespearean Horror” by Chris Anderson and “Holy Grail” by Caroline Kuntz, Ben Ziliak and Eddie Prein.

“Yikes!”, tells of a recent tennis transfer, Jeffrey, who has stolen the spot of best player on the team, resulting in a demon being summoned to take the soul of Jeffrey.

“All in your head”, features a boy who has a party, which results in him getting trapped in his personal dreamland alongside Michael Jackson and a famous Mexican wrestler.

A “Shakespearean Horror”, was a surprising addition to the final four. With only one writer and approximately five actors, the spec includes Shakespearean humor and language that is not typical to most specs.

Finally, “Holy Grail” follows a spontaneous plot, focusing mainly on the release of Kanye West’s album “The Life of Pablo”.

There is no doubt that this year’s spec lineup will be one for the books.