Chicken sandwiches take over the food industry


Students blind taste test chicken from fast food restaurants. To see their reactions in a video, check it out on our social media platforms( NCHSLIVE).

Kevin Courtney

War has started and it’s about to get ugly. I’m not talking about conflict between two different countries; I’m talking about war between chicken sandwiches. 

The fast food industry has been heating up as many restaurants have been adding a new chicken sandwich to their menu. Today we are going to look at what sandwich will hold the crown for the best sandwich. 

Let’s begin with the pioneer when it comes to anything chicken; Chick-fil-a. Chick-fil-a opened on May 23, 1946 and its specialty is of course chicken. However one item in particular is really popular with consumers and that is the chicken sandwich.

 What makes the Chick-fil-a’s chicken sandwich a success? First off it has very simple ingredients; the buttered bun, seasoned chicken breast, and dill pickles. Very elegant taste that makes the chicken stand out the most. 

The price is not too bad as it is around $4.00 or if you would like a meal it would be around $8.00. The calories come in at around 440 calories which makes this chicken sandwich pretty healthy compared to others. Overall Chick-fil-a does a very good job, however I wondered how does it compare to other chicken sandwiches on the market?

Popeyes is our next competitor; founded on June 12,1972. Popeyes specializes in fried chicken and mashed potatoes. On the contrary Popeyes never had a chicken sandwich up until August 12, 2019 when they debuted it to the world.

Popeyes chicken sandwich consists of a fried chicken breast, with pickles, mayo or cajun sauce and topped with a bun. Very similar to Chick-fil-a, but overall a different taste.

The price for Popeyes chicken sandwich is around $4.00 or if you would like a combo with your choice of sides it would be around $7.00. Overall the pricing of the Popeyes chicken sandwich is better; the calories is where it falters. With a nearly 700 calorie sandwich, Popeyes would not be a healthier option.

With the phenomenon of the chicken sandwich growing in the restaurant industry many other fast food giants have joined the fight. Mcdonald’s and Taco Bell both come up with their own version of the chicken sandwich putting their own twist to try and attract customers. Taco Bell is even trying to make a taco style chicken sandwich.

Both Taco Bell and Mcdonald’s are looking to sell their chicken sandwiches at a lower price to attract new customers rather than the quality of the food.

But what chicken sandwich reigns supreme above all else? I asked around to see what people thought was their number one choice for a chicken sandwich.

My first guest was Adam Cox who eats out regularly. I asked Adam what was his go to chicken sandwich restaurant, “It’s got to be chick-fil-a. It’s always top quality food and it’s at a reasonable price,” Cox said.

Max Edmonson also believes Chick-fil-a is the go to spot for the chicken sandwich. “You can never go wrong with Chick-fil-a. They just make the perfect sandwich,” Edmonson said.

They also noted the importance of the price and quality of the . “For me if I can save an extra dollar on a meal I’d definitely do that. You can never go wrong with a cheaper McDonald’s sandwich,” Edmonson said. “I never look at healthier options when it comes to a chicken sandwich,” Cox said.

When it comes to the chicken sandwich many care about the quality rather than how healthy the sandwich is. When it comes down to the price, saving 50 cents to a dollar it is not too much in the way of fast food, however it does come in handy.