Personal Project set to continue


Students present their personal projects in the North gym. The exhibition is at large this year due to the pandemic.

Cole Little and Gus Osborn, Reporters

There’s no question that this year’s in school activities have looked unlike any other school year, with many regular annual events uncertain if they will happen. Every year sophomores participate in the MYP Personal Project.  


Jocelyn Sisson, the MYP coordinator, and Greg Lineweaver, the assistant principal said that they are discussing a variety of personal project formats as they do not know what will be permitted and safe during the second semester. 


Although the format and logistics may change, the requirements for personal project remain the same as they were in years past. Food has been a popular project topic in years past, but this year food projects have been prohibited due to safety concerns. Group projects have also been limited to two people.


“The true purpose of the experience is for individual students to engage in personal exploration and growth,” Lineweaver said. Lineweaver states that even with COVID-19, the goal of the project remains the same: growth of the individual.


 Lineweaver loves the exhibition, but wants people to know that it is not the main component to the project that students should leave with. 


¨Personal Project is a singularly unique opportunity for students to work with a faculty supervisor on a project of their own choosing designed to encourage and celebrate learning for the sake of learning. The Personal Project permits students to explore learning of their own choosing and design a way to share that learning publicly, and it affords North Central High School students an experience that is unusual for any public school in our country, let alone the state of Indiana.” Lineweaver said. 


Lineweaver is very enthusiastic about his position as the overseer of the personal project committee. He believes in the value of personal project and what it brings to the students.


The Personal Project is the capstone experience of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.” Lineweaver wants this year’s special personal project experience to deliver the same impact as it always has. 


English teacher Jocelyn Sisson has the position as MYP coordinator and Personal Project manager. Sisson is responsible for all aspects of the Personal Project from creating supervisor cohorts, ensuring the assignment of students, faculty and community communication and the exhibition.

 “The Personal Project exists as it is required by  the IB program. The Personal Project is the required culminating project of the Middle Years Program (grades 6-10). However as I indicate above, even if the MYP ceased to exist, the Personal Project would live on as it is a Dept. of Education recognized graduation pathway,” Sisson said.