Junior Spectacular: Bad Trip


In 2018 Junior Spectacular, Bad Trip written By Nicolas Jager and Jaime Gause Is one of top Plays that made the cut. Bad Trip has a mix of comedy while hitting some sensitive topics in today’s society.

“The spec is about Jack, an anxious super senior who takes too much of his medication and starts hallucinating. His ensuing experience helps him towards a path of realization as he is confronted by various strange groups,” junior Nicolas Jager said.

The Junior Spectacular act features references to pop culture,

“It’s no standard spec and represents many different ideas embedded in our society,” Jager said. Bad Trip is not going to be like the other Junior Spectacular shows. Bad Trip is very sentimental to some of the cast members. “It’s a meaningful spec and I think it has a powerful message,” Said senior Ethan Dunn.