Hot or Not


Tide Pods are a big deal in today’s society as a great compact laundry detergent. They are easy to throw right into your washing machine, but have started a great controversy with today’s adolescents. Eating Tide Pods are trending as a funny meme and is highly dangerous to be ingested and are even deadly to be consumed. I would say Tide Pods are a hot trend but not a good choice to eat.

As spring rolls around, many people are getting ready for the Indy 500 Snake Pit. This has been a big attraction to many adolescents because of the music festivals that have been going on around the nation, and beginning in 2018, the age is restricted where you need to be 18 years old to purchase tickets and enter The Pit. This limits a lot of kids from going and enjoying the concerts, but since it is presented by Coors light, it may not be suitable to minors due to the atmosphere and the artists performing.

Prom is around the corner for juniors at North Central and the energy will continue to grow. As people ask their dates and think of creative “promposals”, the date so far is the only thing set in stone as of January 23rd, 2018. Prom day is a week earlier than usual (set on April 14th, 2018). It is said because of convenience but unknown why it is convenient to the North Central Junior Class Council. The big question from Juniors around North Central High School is are they going to prom, and who will be going with them. Act fast before everyone is paired up!