What is a Finstagram?


Finstagrams are fake Instagrams made by people so they can post funny pictures of them and their friends that they usually wouldn’t post on their real Instagram.

Now young people, especially high school students, use it often to share laughs with their friends.

“I have a Finstagram so I can express myself,” sophomore Lydia Mendez said, “it’s also fun and allows me to do whatever I want.”

She’s not alone in this new trend, her along with others say that they post pictures with funny faces, pictures of random objects, and funny memes to show their personalities.

“I can do things out of the normal to show who I am,” sophomore Nemo Bouyer said.

Even those without an account see its appeal and why so many people have made one.

“I don’t have one but I understand why everyone thinks it would be fun to have one, it seems like fun since there are many funny pictures that I’ve taken that I would never post on my real account,” sophomore Cierra Spearman said.

Since Finstagram became a new trend it has allowed many people to not be afraid to show the world who they really are.