So long, high school: perspectives from a senior


A cap and diploma are on display outside the counselors office.

Madeline Melton

Senior year of high school marks the end of a significant chapter in a student’s life. Senior year is a time to reflect, make new and connect with old friends, celebrate achievements and prepare for the new adventures of adulthood. 

For seniors Noah Montgomery and Anna Charbonneau, it is a time of reflection and growth over the lessons NC taught them along the way.

One of the perks about being a senior is being looked up to by underclassmen. Seniors are often viewed as role models because they have more experience and knowledge about high school life, academics and social dynamics.

“I feel like being a senior, you are king of the school and you have domain over all the younger people in the school,” Montgomery said. 

“It’s definitely kind of a weird feeling being a senior. It’s kind of like on your birthday you know you are older, but you don’t feel like it,” Charbonnneau said. 

High school allows for students to find out more about themselves. Montgomery and Charbonneau both agree that it is important to get involved as much as you can to make your years of high school fun and fulfilling. 

“It is so important to get involved. I definitely tried to jump in but then I had some hesitations. Try to focus and do what makes you happy, and if you don’t have time to do everything that’s okay too. Try to learn your own boundaries. Figure out what makes you fit because that will help you figure out what you need to be doing,” Charbonneau said.

The special moments in high school are the memories that are for looking back on with pride and gratitude. 

Charbonneau found a love for theater through participating in NC productions and found some of her closest friends in the theater program. Montgomery found a love for performing in choir along with running by participating in cross country. These extracurricular activities made NC a more enjoyable place. 

“Theater has constantly been a source of moments for me, especially Mamma Mia!, that was the first time I was in one of the big NC productions. I had been doing crew a lot and then I was in the one acts before and that was really fun, but Mamma Mia was a whole different experience. Mamma Mia was such a wonderful experience, I made a lot of new friends through the production and it gave me so much joy,” Charbonneau said.

“I really enjoyed the Kings Court Madrigal Dinner. Being able to play piano and sing was nice,” Montgomery said. 

As exciting as senior year is with grad dance, graduation and celebrations, it can be stressful with applying to colleges and maintaining grades. Many seniors feel less motivated to do schoolwork because it is their last year. This is often called “senioritis.” 

In order to prevent senioritis, seniors might want to set goals for themselves. These goals can be as simple as staying involved with extracurricular activities, checking up on calendars and due dates for assignments, along with challenging themselves to achieve the best senior year possible. 

For incoming seniors, Charbonneau and Montgomery share their advice that helped them throughout senior year. 

“College stuff needs to be done quickly. Figure out what you need to do and hold yourself to that timeline whether that is asking your parents for help, teachers, or any adult that you trust to help you. Use your resources because there will be so many people that will be happy and willing to help you,” Charbonneau said.

“Senioritis is real. Just remember that it is not over yet and your grades still matter just a little bit,” Montogmery said. 

Montgomery plans on attending University of Dayton in the fall to major in computer science. He hopes to pursue a career in computer science after college. 

Charbonneau plans on working over the summer at the Ritz Charles to save money towards college and is deciding between the University of Miami in Ohio or Hofstra University in New York. Charbonneau plans on studying theatrical costume design, French and earth sciences. 

As senior year comes to a close, the class of 2023 will always be connected as NC Panthers. Montgomery and Charbonneau are excited to graduate, but will miss certain aspects of high school. 

“I’m excited to graduate. I finally get to leave high school but I am going to miss it. I am going to miss the people and my friends and the teachers,” Montgomery said. 

“Something that I am taking away from high school is that I will always remember the people. I do remember the people I am around and how they make me feel. The teachers and the friends I’ve made. I feel like people really get us through life and we can’t really exist without each other,” Charbonneau said.