‘The Green Mile’ evokes emotion


“The Green Mile” stars Tom Hanks.

Daylen Craig

An older movie that came out in 1999 called “The Green Mile” with Tom Hanks is one of the most emotional movies I’ve ever seen. The sympathy that you have for some of the characters in this movie.

The mile is a place in prison where inmates that are on death row are held and waiting to be executed. This massive human being named John Coffey comes to the mile after supposedly killing two little girls and looks intimidating, but is actually soft-spoken and caring. Paul is an officer of the mile, along with Brutus, Percy and Harry. John Coffey sent powers to heal and take diseases from the ill and suffering. He took Paul’s bladder infection away, and this is when Paul saw what powers he had. When John Coffey showed Paul with these powers in his mind he was not the one to kill those two girls; it was another inmate. While all of this is happening, his due date for execution is coming up and they cannot do anything about it. Paul wanted to free John but didn’t want to, he wanted all the pain to go away from the things he saw. This made the John Coffey execution very sad, even making the officers cry killing an innocent man.

The graphics and scenery are really not that good, which makes sense because it is an older movie. There is not a lot of action, it is more of a story-telling movie about John Coffey. My opinion is this is probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. Not from the visuals, but the story and emotions it makes you feel.


Action- 5.5/10

Emotion- 10/10

Visuals- 5/10

Story – 9/10

Music- 6/10

Overall= 35.5/50