Counselor Victor Newsome discusses students’ behavior

Gabe Peterson and Jakob Dirks

Counselor Victor Newsome has been at NC for many years and has been able to notice changes in student behavior. A large part of this behavioral shift can be seen in the hallways.

 “There’s no respect for authoritative figures, they feel that no one can tell them anything,” Newsome said. This means that students have become more disrespectful and don’t do anything that authoritative figures, like teachers, counselors and deans, say and act on their own accord with no repercussions. 

To improve and change this behavior, we as students need to have more punishments for acting out against teachers and administrators and follow the rules. Also, we need to have more general respect towards authority figures because they are just trying to make us better students and people to prepare us for the future. 

Students have also changed the way they act to each other. 

“They take to the internet or any kind of social media device to start their wars, and then the only time they see each other is here at school,” Newsome said. This means that phones have become the new way of communicating. Students will say rude things over social media and the only times they will see each other is here at school which could, in turn, cause a fight. 

This has caused students’ behavior to decline and become significantly worse to teachers, fellow students and administrators.

All students’ behavior has gotten worse over the years and is still declining today. Hopefully we can fix this in the upcoming years and we can gain that sense of respect back from teachers and fellow students.