Girls basketball Coach DeeAnn Ramey Reflects on respect

Abel Flessner and Christian Woodson

Respect is a huge topic within sports. Teammates should show gratitude and respect to other teammates and coaches. Respect is earned and greatly appreciated.  

When it comes to respect, coaches expect their players to show their utmost respect. Girls basketball coach DeeAnn Ramey is no exception. 

“I expect my team to show effort and respect through sportsmanship and listening to me when I give instructions,” Ramey said. 

When Ramey coaches, she uses her energy to give instructions and lessons to her players. Her players listen and follow through with their effort. 

There will always be times when players go rogue and not listen fully. When this happens, the coach usually gives out a form of punishment. 

 “My team doesn’t disrespect me often but I like to make the girls run when they mess up. I feel like this builds character and makes them not make the mistake of disrespecting me again,” Ramey said. 

Ramey shows poise and confidence as she and her players are close with each other. 

Most coaches were once players and had to show respect too. Coaches typically base the mechanics of the team off of what happened and how they played as a kid. 

“Yes I always tried to treat my coaches with respect and always had close relationships with them. I think the girls are close with me too,” Ramey said. 

Ramey has taught her players how to show respect and sportsmanship through sports and real life.