Teacher Anne Kaplan offers perspective on school fights


The fights that take place have had an impact on many students’ academic performances. Fights are a big distraction and negatively impact the learning environment at school. 

“Fights negatively impact our school’s culture and result in a lot of stress on students and teachers,” history teacher Anne Kaplan said. Students are unable to do their very best in school and on their assignments and tests.

“The fights affect many student’s academic performances and take away their ability to focus during class,” Kaplan said. A majority of the fights occur during the passing period and it creates a lot of commotion in the hallways, making it difficult for students to get to their next class on time. It also created a disruption to the beginning of class because many students came into the classroom talking about it. 

“When fights occur in passing periods it can disrupt the beginning of class and many students come into the classroom talking about what happened and the drama going on,” Kaplan said. 

Fights also may occur in the lunchroom or outside the lunchroom during the lunch periods. As many students have split class schedules with lunch, if there are fights it may distract their ability to go back to a productive class time. 

“Whenever there are fights in the lunchroom and kids are coming to class from lunch they are often unable to refocus for class and we end up getting less done,” Kaplan said. 

Fights are something that can be prevented in many cases. We should do all we can to work together to create a safer environment that allows everyone to reach their full academic potential. 

“Fights take away from having a safe and productive learning experience for the students and take away from creating a strong and positive community of hard working students,” Kaplan said. 

When someone has a conflict and needs help resolving their problems, informing teachers is a good way to solve the problems. This is a way of dealing with your problems without letting it escalate to any physical altercation.