Group work interactions lessen after COVID-19


Madeline Melton and Bella Wilson

Online school during the pandemic caused a number of changes and adjustments to communication. Communication was done solely through Zoom, emails, Canvas and Remind messaging. Social media was the only way to keep in contact with friends. 

Now that school is back, what does communication look like among students? Students were asked a series of questions to hear their opinions on how communication at school has changed. 

Some students miss the amount of group work that used to happen before the pandemic, while others prefer their space.

“I would rather work individually,” junior Victoria White said, “I don’t have to depend on anyone else and can work on my own time.”

Sophomore Quiara Braxton prefers to work individually as well.

 Many peers who work in groups split up work efficiently to help with time management. Braxton, when working in a group, believes work should be split up by people’s strengths. 

“I feel like the person with the most creativity should be the drawing person, the person with the best handwriting should be the writer and the other two should help them create ideas and keep the conversations going,” Braxton said.

NC’s large student population can help students make new friends and connections. The number of students can also be overwhelming and challenging to form close bonds.

“I would say it is hard to make new friends or communicate with different people, if you don’t have a class with them you never see them,” White said. 

“I feel like everyone comes from a different background and school is a very supportive place for making new friends,” Braxton said. 

White feels that COVID has affected socialization at school. 

“Everyone is on their phones and less likely to speak,” White said, “COVID has caused people to stay in the same friend groups as before, making it hard for new interactions.”

“Since COVID, I feel like we suppress our emotions more,” Braxton said.