Officer Evans’ takes on North Central

Cailyn Robertson, Sports Editor

School officers have varying duties around the school. From monitoring students during lunches to breaking up fights in the student center, these cops are responsible for ensuring the safety of the students and faculty at NC.

Officer David Evans is one of these cops. The majority of his career has been spent at NC. He has been an officer for two years, and close to a year and a half of those two years has been spent at our school.

One of the busiest places in the school is the lower student center, and that is where Evans spends the majority of his days. 

“We get a lot of the students who get off of the buses,” Evans said. 

From the morning bus dismissals to lunch periods, Evans can be seen monitoring students residing in the student center. Consequently, this leaves Evans exposed to the majority of altercations that occur. He witnesses the trends within these altercations firsthand.

Due to the amount of altercations that have occurred so far this year, some believe that there have been more this year than in years past. Evans disagrees.

“Not an escalation,” Evans said, “but right when you come back from a break fights seem to occur more.” 

He does not know why this trend occurs.

Evans has noticed that the majority of fights come from a certain class. 

“I’ve noticed the younger classes that come in usually get into more trouble,” Evans said. 

Evans has an idea of why it is normally the freshman class that causes the most problems at the beginning of the year. 

“It’s hard to transition and get to the maturity levels needed for high school,” Evans said.

Evans believes creating a freshman building separate from the main school would allow freshmen to adapt to the environment of high school while not disrupting the older classes. He has seen this solution in the schools near his home, and believes that it plays a role in lowering altercations within those schools.