Should displaying festive decorations in school be allowed?


The Soldier & Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis holds Indianapolis’s large light up Christmas tree. Though this is a government building they are allowed to show a Christmas tree.

Seth Eaton, Opinion Section Editor

North Central claims to be a school of many cultures and backgrounds. We have students from around the globe that celebrate many different holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza. 

Washington Township schools are not supposed to display any decorations or mention any holidays. NC does not want to exclude or insult anyone by participating in holiday activities such as decorating classrooms. While I can see the point of including everyone, government buildings have no restrictions on having holiday decor. 

The light up tree on Monument Circle downtown is displayed on a government memorial. If government memorials can hold ceremonies and be decorated, why can’t a public school run by the government be able to do so? Christmas is also a federal holiday, if this is the case, we should not bring up the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. 

“I think schools should be able to decorate. Schools are run by the government so it’s not that different, and I doubt it’s something people would really care about,” junior Anna Witte said.

Lights are culturally neutral. They do not fall under any specific religion or race; therefore, they do not exclude any religion or ethnicity. Even those who do not celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza still enjoy the tradition of lights. 

“I believe that as long as the decorations remain secular, they can still be festive without necessarily enforcing a certain religion,” junior Leonardo Pasquinelli said.

Even though lights themselves are culturally neutral, certain decorations may be promoting a religious idea or belief. As long as the decoration stays genuinely neutral, then there should not be a problem bringing them out in a classroom.

Lights help add cheerful spirit to the dark and cold days of the holiday season. Especially with the dreadful feeling of finals, lights may add a much-needed appealing and warm effect to the classrooms.  

Although it is frustrating how there are no festive decorations, it is understandable when talking about cost. Decorating does take time and requires money. Usually, government buildings hire maintenance workers to set up decorations.

If money was the one actual problem, some students would be glad to participate. Holding events or starting a club would be great to have our school decorated. Students could donate lights to be set up and could volunteer as well. The only thing keeping Panthers from decorating NC is the possible promotion of religions and exclusion of other cultures. 

Personally, I celebrate Christmas, but I do not affiliate with a particular religion. I would enjoy lights because of the warmth and cheer they bring.