Students should take their spring break trips


Writer Max Grueninger has been on the staff for three years. Grueninger is an opinion writer.

Max Grueninger, Reporter

Spring break in the year 2021 is a controversial topic. Because spring break is typically the week where students go to the beach or a vacation out of the state, COVID-19 is a huge factor, as it was a year ago. 

But, students need a break. If students typically would take a vacation to Florida, I would say: do it again this year. By the time spring break is upon us it will be over a year since the COVID outbreak. 

Things need to go back to the way they were before the virus. By letting and encouraging students to go out with friends and on vacation, things will feel normal again. Since January 11, COVID cases have been on a six-week downward trend.

 According to the CDC COVID Data Tracker, the positive cases reported have dropped by a whopping 73.4%. But it isn’t just the reported cases that have dropped, the hospitalizations due to COVID have dropped by 61% in six weeks. 

This decrease only proves that we have hit the peak of this virus and will only be slowly transferring to a normal lifestyle with some accommodations. Spring break should not be a question for any students. 

Students should continue to do what they can to stay safe, but all students need to have fun. Get out, get a tan, meet new people and come back ready to finish the school year off on a high note.