Senior blood drive a success


The buses were parked outside of North Central for the senior blood drive. They reached their goal of 50-75 units.

Mia Behringer, Assistant Editor

Thursday February 11, I went to my scheduled appointment at the blood drive at 640, but I was not able to donate because I did not meet the requirements for iron levels. However, the drive was a great success.

 The blood drive amid a global pandemic involved 75 donors and did so while still following COVID-19 guidelines. These donors brought in many units of blood, achieving their original goal of 50-75 units. 

“Although it was a success, the Versati staff may be coming back for another blood drive through the JEL,” Leslie Decker, coordinator of the drive says. 

Was the drive a success overall? Absolutely, if you can pull off a blood drive in a pandemic, it is definitely a success! I did not expect to be able to host it at all let alone get 75 donors to the door and still follow social distance and COVID-safety policies. Big success for our Washington Township community.

“I am still waiting to hear from the Versiti staff for our final numbers, however, I know that there were very few deferrals and no-shows. It should be the case that we sent Versiti home with 50-65 units,” Decker said.

Despite the success of the senior blood drive, there have been talks of more events in light of the scarcity of blood during these times. “JEL hosts a blood drive as well. Other schools around the district also host them. Historically, Senior Class Council is the only group that hosts a blood drive on campus,” Decker said.

Decker encourages everyone to donate blood whenever they can. “Don’t wait for a blood drive to donate – call Versiti and make an appointment when it fits your schedule,” Decker said.