Greiner’s shows how subs should look and taste


Kevin Courtney

Greiner’s Deli Sub Shop is a small building with a very simplistic design. It never catches the eye to someone on the outside, however the inside has tons of character to behold. Whether it’s the handwritten menu made from chalk or the checkered styled floor. Greiner’s is a very simplistic, yet cozy place to be.

When met with the menu, Greiner’s is centered around subs and sandwiches. However, there are still many non-sub items such as soup, pizza, wings, salads and more. It surprised me to see such a small shop with such a large menu.

I was the only one inside the shop when I entered and ordered from the menu right away. I got “Owen’s Philly Cheese Steak” and chicken wings. I also picked out a freshly made brownie from the counter.

The service seemed slow as there were only two people working the kitchen and register. I got my food in around 20 minutes even though I was the only one there. It had me wondering how the shop would perform with a lot of customers.

The first item was  “Owen’s Philly Cheese Steak.” This was certainly a delicious sub that has a very unique taste to behold. Whether it’s the melted cheese or the nicely cooked steak, the flavors blended beautifully together. Even the bread was cooked to perfection to where it was not too crispy.

The next item I ate was the chicken wings. I’ve got to say that the wings tasted great, even though they were a bit messy. The meat came off the bone smooth and the barbecue sauce was not too sweet or tangy.

The last item I delved into was the brownie and boy was I not disappointed. The brownie was cooked to perfection and bursted with flavor in my mouth. Greiner’s also adds salt to the brownies to intensify the flavor in your mouth.

Greiner’s is a great shop that has some quality food. I’ll definitely be stopping by once again. 

Overall Rating: 9/10