Palacios explains pep rally cancellation


Student reporter Richie Smikle interviews assistant principal Maria Palacios regarding the cancellation of the pep rally on September 13.

Q: Why was the pep rally cancelled?

A: We looked at all of the weather apps at our disposal and saw that there was a 30-49% chance of rain around the time of the pep rally. The heat was another factor, as it was predicted to feel like 97º at least, and with the students having to wear their backpacks that would only add to the heat.

Q: What is the normal procedure for cancelling an event like that?

A: Well to lead off, we can’t have an alternate plan for holding it inside because we cannot fit the entire student body in the gym. So before school we look at the weather and if there’s a high enough chance of rain we are forced to cancel it early in the day so the whole schedule doesn’t get messed up.

Q: Could you not split the student body and have the rally in two separate locations?

A: Well that would bring up the issue of equity and who gets to actually be in the gym, where sports are actually played. Another issue with that would be supervision as it would be extremely difficult to manage two locations. And the point of the pep rally is to bring the school together as a whole, and would being in two locations really accomplish that?