Students Prepare For Prom


Grace Glass

This coming weekend junior prom will take place on April 13. Many students start their preparation in about a weeks advance. Typically girls start buying their dresses in January and accessories a couple months later. Boys rent their tuxedos and ties usually a couple weeks before prom. When comparing how girls and boys prepare for prom, they both have different processes.

The prom essentials for boys include a tuxedo, tie or bow tie, dress shoes, corsage and an accessory if wanted. Usually boys do not have a lot to do compared to girls.

Junior, Angel Flores, is excited for prom and started planning last month.

“This week I have a facial appointment and I pick up my tuxedo on Thursday. On Friday I am getting a haircut, eyebrows waxed and I am picking up the corsage. Lastly, on Saturday morning I will shower, shave, and take pictures before I go to dinner and the dance,” Flores said.

Junior, Ethan Brown, had just recently started prepping for the upcoming dance but is looking forward to having fun.

“I don’t have a lot to prepare for but I am picking up my tuxedo on Thursday and the corsage on Friday. Saturday is a laid back morning for me because I only need to shave and shower before pictures with my prom group,” Brown said.

The prom necessities for girls include a dress, heels, nails, hair, make-up, and jewelry. A week is not enough time to prepare for prom, so girls typically start a month in advance. Many girls have their beauty appointments set weeks before and are professionally done, but not always.

Junior Sally Jones has been ready for prom since February and cannot wait for the dance.

“I bought my dress and shoes in February because everything is on sale early for prom. My boutonniere is set for pickup on Friday. I have a hair appointment on Saturday, but I am doing my own nails and makeup,” Jones said.

Junior, Meggie McPherson, started a little late in the preparation process but is not worried about time and is also very excited for prom this Saturday.

“I bought my dress last month but I am still prepared because I already have all my jewelry and shoes. I set an appointment to get my nails done on Friday and to pick up the boutonniere. On Saturday is when I am getting my hair and makeup professionally done” McPherson said.