Severe Weather Severely Effects Students


The central Indianapolis area has been dealing with various ranges of temperatures in the past week. Temperatures in the past seven days have varied from the negative teens with windchill to around 65 degrees in the more recent days. Students have some varying opinions as they deal with this weather.

Sophomore Ethan Nault is not enjoying the cold temperatures  

“I don’t like the cold weather we experienced last week, this glimpse of the warm weather is exciting and makes me want the warmer weather even more,” Nault said.

These changes in temperature have affected many students routine in the morning and adds time to getting ready in the morning.

“I have had to wear heavier clothing when there is extreme cold,” said Nault.

“I haven’t, if my car doesn’t start I go back inside and go to sleep,” Junior David Cornett said.

One way a student is dealing with the cold weather.

Cornett also does not appreciate the cold weather.

“I hate the cold so the cold we had last week so this week was very inconvenient,” Cornett said.

-Garrett Mahaffey