MYP Early Release Day Cancelled


The snow day on Jan. 30, caused the MYP Personal Project early release to be rescheduled for a later date. The sophomores planned to meet with their small groups to continue working on their personal projects.

Many were excited the work day was cancelled.

“I’m so happy because I don’t even have a topic,” sophomore Payton Sale said.

At this point in the process, topics should be picked and the work book should be halfway filled out.

Even if the meetings are highly encouraged, it doesn’t mean the sophomores complete work while they are at the meetings.

“I’m happy because my group doesn’t know what we’re doing yet,” sophomore Devyn Williams said.

The sophomores are advised to pick a topic about something they find interesting, are passionate or knowledgeable about.

Some don’t see the point in the project at all, sophomore Cole Little agrees with most of the student body.

“I was very happy about it because I don’t like it, it’s boring and useless,” Little said.

Last year many students chose to pick National History Day projects, an assignment all

AP United States History students are required to complete. Some students take an even easier approach and do something they have previously worked on.

“I’m planning a trip to Guatemala because I already did that project,” Little said.

Whenever the project is rescheduled for, there is a fear of attendance going down. Some parents allow their sophomore students to go home at the early release time while others want them to stay.

“If they reschedule I’ll go,” Sale said.