Are students still loco for hoco?


Homecoming is a big deal for many schools.Is the homecoming tradition dying for our students?

Homecoming week is historically a week in high schools full of activities like a spirit week, the big game and a homecoming dance. NC is not without these things but may lack the traditional spirit most schools have during this week.

All grades are encouraged to participate in spirit week, themes are decided and advertised by student council. Some students don’t want to participate.

“Maybe I’ll participate in spirit week I’ll have to remember what the days are,” freshman Jack Mulcahy said.

Many students do not have clothes for themes.

“No I’m not participating because I don’t have clothes for the themes,” sophomore Darren Washington said.

Others, like sophomore Gwyneth Hill, think it’s hard to encourage some students to dress up.

“I think spirit week is fun but no one participates. I don’t know why but I guess they don’t want to look stupid at school,” Hill said.

Other schools homecoming weeks are known to be bigger weeks leading up to the homecoming game like Noblesville High School and Carmel High School.

“Homecoming week is full of school spirit. We have dress up days like most schools and the seniors are usually the ones that go all out,” senior Natalie Grubb from Noblesville said. “Homecoming proposals here are smaller than prom ones, but still people put a lot of thought into them.”

The dance at Noblesville is said to be one of the biggest events the school puts on.
“We had so many people go to the dance last year that they aren’t allowing anyone who does not go to Noblesville to be at the dance,” Grubb said.
Carmel High School, the largest high school in the state, also has an involved student population.

“On the day of homecoming during school we have shortened periods and around the end of the day we go out and have charisma perform and the marching band perform and then we have a tricycle race,”  junior Morgan Croaning from Carmel said, “then that night we have homecoming. The week leading up to homecoming we have spirit week and every year it changes based on the kids in the group who get to choose.”
The tradition of homecoming itself might be dying, officer Dominic Smith hints it might be because of our generations ties to technology.

“I went to Broad Ripple High School. Homecoming was a big deal there. We had a pep rally, spirit week, dance, homecoming king and queen, all that stuff,” Smith said.

Social media affects interest in homecoming.

“I think the students aren’t as interested in homecoming as before. A lot of it is because of social media, you can do a lot on there without doing anything physical. Back then it was the only time you could see your friends and hang out but social media stops kids from being social,” Smith said.