Welcome to Blind-Sided, the fast paced uncensored opinions of North Central students and faculty. The concept of the Blind-Sided story is to engage the students and faculties opinions on disputed events and ideas.

The Blind-Sided topic has hovered around, since the preseason, the new replacement for the football teams head coach. Kevin O’Shea has a fully loaded arsenal of awards and championships in his back pocket, which has aroused hope in the chance of a winning record. Because of the teams records in recent years, some people find it hard to be convinced that the football team will have a good season. Little do they know they are about to be blind-sided.

The disputed subject of the chances of a winning record with coach O’Shea, “They’ll never get a winning record,” Senior Anderson Whitnell said. With this speculation there are aspects that vary.

Cheerleading coach Whitney Sumpter has hope for the future and responded with, “No, it will take a few years,” which adds hope to the future success of the football team. The football squad will be encountering tough competition in the MIC in this 2017-18 season. Seven out of eight teams are top 10 teams in the state of Indiana. When interviewed Jessie Gant replies, “I doubt it, he’s got to get used to the MIC,” which presents the biggest problem the team will face.

When inquired about what will be holding the football team back from winning, the responses were varying from physical and mental problems. With the recent years of devastating losses, art teacher Jenny Lindell responded with, “The fact they’ve lost for so long, it’s not a part of their culture to win,” which focuses in on the past and not the recent adjustments to better the future. This mental barrier has not dwindled the students spirits, “We coming for all district schools,” Senior Bryce Manning said.

With the success of the pre-season, with multiple victories against teams like Noblesville and Westfield, the hopes are high and chances are good at a winning record. The students and faculty are ready for the season with high hopes, “I think we all hope so. Everybody is ready for some change.” Marla Palacios said.

With new improvements to the starting lineup students believe the team’s success will be easy. When asked about what player will play a key role for the North Central football team: “DJ Johnson and the new Quarterback Liam [Thompson],” with these improvements the team’s success is inevitable.