Seniors prepare for graduation with senior superlatives


Senior McHael Jones fills out the senior superlative Google Form.

Lily Wolfe, Feature Section Editor

While seniors begin to prepare for graduation, they have been nominating their classmates for different recognitions. Senior superlatives are a fun way to engage with classmates and vote on who deserves different awards. They pay tribute to students for their achievements and consider recognizing other attributes. Some include “best hair,” “best eyes” and “best duo;” the list goes on with many different questions.

“I like the idea of senior superlatives because it is funny,” senior Alex Yencer said.

Students enjoy filling out the superlatives because they can be a way to get to know more people in the grade and learn some unusual things about each other.

“I do like the idea of superlatives because it’s fun to see how people view each other,” senior McHael Jones said.

Seniors receive the superlative results in a magazine handed to them during commencement rehearsal. Some of the favorite prompts are “best couple” and “worst driver.”

“It’s just fun,” senior Brody Friend said, “I might be biased but my favorite is ‘best couple’ because Ella and I have been together since freshman year.”

“My favorite superlative is ‘worst driver,’” Yencer said, “my least favorite superlative is ‘most attractive.’”

Some students fear that some superlatives may be offensive to others and should not be included.

I think that the ‘most attractive’ male and female category should be avoided to prevent hurt feelings,” Yencer said.

The varying opinions among students on the superlatives contribute to its excitement.

“I think I deserve the ‘best car’ because my car has seat warmers,” Yencer said.

“I think I deserve ‘most likely to be a millionaire’ because I’m going to be rich,” Jones said.

Other students feel like it does not matter if superlatives might hurt feelings, as they are primarily meant for fun. Brody Friend and McHael Jones are not offended by the superlative questions.

“I think it’s funny and some people need to be humbled,” Friend said.

“I think the questions are all good and won’t hurt anyone’s feelings,” Jones said.