Snowfall brings first eLearning day


Sophomore Owen Larrimer enjoys his day off by playing in the snow once he finished his school work.

Hank Fleetwood, Editor

Washington Township schools closed Thursday and Friday due to inclement weather, but instruction continued through eLearning. Teachers assigned students asynchronous assignments on Canvas, allowing all to benefit from a less-stressful school day in the winter storm.

Most students appreciate the break provided by an eLearning day. 

“I’d rather just have the day off,” junior Logan Tetrault said, “I wait until nine o’clock to do all my work.”

Sophomore tennis player Owen Larrimer was also excited at the prospect of a day off. 

“I feel like I’m going to get to sleep in, and it’s going to be great,” Larrimer said, “I’m probably going to go play tennis and hang out with my friends.”

Students are not the only beneficiaries of an eLearning day. 

“I’m delighted. It is a welcome surprise and a welcome reprieve,” said performing arts and speech teacher Elaine Wiggins.

“We’re all kind of tired of Zoom,” Wiggins said, “If we have [an asynchronous day], it’s the best of all worlds. I’m not at school, I’m not making up a day, I can still meet my students’ needs and stay connected to whatever’s happening in my classes, but I have an abundance of freedom.”

Both Tetrault and Larrimer echoed this sentiment, adding that they would prefer an asynchronous eLearning day to a day of virtual instruction via Zoom. Additionally, all three hoped to be able to take advantage of the snow for some winter fun.