Shadowing program returns


Freshman Achilles Lee picks up his shadow before the school day begins.

Nataijah White-Davis

NC is bringing back the shadowing program, providing an in-person experience for students that are planning on attending in the future. 

The shadowing program has been on pause for the last couple of years due to COVID-19 and the altered schedules. Starting this year, shadowing has resumed as school returns to its normal environment.

Current Washington Township eighth graders have the chance to shadow ninth grade students throughout their school day. Out of district sophomores, juniors and seniors can also participate in the NC shadowing program with a student that is in their current grade. 

The shadowing program is meant to let students get a feel for NC and help aid their decision when choosing a school. This gives a chance for students to get comfortable with the school and possibly make friends for the upcoming school year. 

Once shadowing students are given a spot in the program, they are assigned a host. The shadow spends the day with their host and gets a firsthand experience at what a possible school day looks like.

Students that shadow will remain with their host throughout the entire school day. Shadowing will take place from January 24 to March 18. Students who are interested in shadowing NC for a day can visit the counseling office and get a form that will get them a spot in the shadowing program.