Mascot explains importance of her role


Mascot Shawn’Dasia Taylor poses in the panther costume before a game. Taylor loves to be at the games with the student section and be able to support the athletes.

A school mascot is a very important part of school spirit and the student section. The mascot has to be able to hype up the crowd and student section at sporting events. NC’s mascot is a panther. This year, the panther suit is worn by senior Shawn’Dasia Taylor. 

Unlike previous mascots who chose to take on the role voluntarily, Taylor did not have a choice. 

“I lost a dare one day and that resulted in my becoming the school mascot,” Taylor said.

Taylor loves being a part of the student section and supporting all of the student athletes.  “My favorite part about being the mascot is the spirit it brings and the reaction of the crowd and especially the little kids who have the same energy I have to bring,” Taylor responded. 

Taylor enjoys hyping up the crowd, which she believes plays a large role in how the girls and boys play in their sporting event.

When going to a sporting event, Taylor shows up early and talks to the managers of the team before putting the costume on. When it is getting near game time,Taylor goes into the locker room, throws water on herself, takes deep breaths, and prepares herself to put the hot sweaty costume on. 

Taylor’s favorite events to work at include girls volleyball, football, girls basketball, and boys basketball. She says these crowds get the most hype with her.

The panther is a beacon of school spirit and brings pep to the crowd and students, which brings a lot of joy into her life. 

However, being the panther does have its downsides. 

“The suit is very very hot and very sweaty, it gets tiring,” Taylor said. 

Taylor enjoys being the panther, as she has a very outgoing personality, which allows her to hype up the crowd with ease.