Balancing athletics, academics key to Behrmann’s success


Alumnus Zach Behrmann now plays baseball at Indiana University. Behrmann was the ace pitcher during his time in high school.

Jack Stansberry

Zach Behrmann is currently a pitcher for Indiana University’s baseball team. He graduated  in December 2019 to play for the Hoosiers in the 2020 spring season, which was canceled because of COVID-19. Behrmann looks to make an impact for Indiana in the 2021 season as they are hungry to get back on the field after only 15 games last year. 

Q: What is something you did  that you have carried to the next level to be successful.?

A: Work ethic. I learned in high school that just putting your head down and working can take you a long way. In high school, I worked my way to a spot on the pitching staff as a freshman. My sophomore year I continued working until I was the ace of the staff. I’ve carried this work ethic with me to IU, and I believe that if I continue to work, I can accomplish all of my goals in college and after that. 

Q: Did you have a favorite class or teacher and why? 

A: One of my favorite classes that I took at NC was definitely journalism. There was a great amount of freedom in Mr. (Tom) Gayda’s class to explore areas of the school that I personally enjoyed. I also could be creative in my work and I got to work alongside a lot of my friends. I have a hard time picking one favorite teacher at NC, but a few teachers that really had an impact on my life were Ms. (Lynn) Schopp, Mr. (Dan) Brunette, Mr. (Tom) Gayda, Ms. (Shelley) Boeglin and Mr. (Robert) Mobley. All five of these teachers really showed that they cared about their students and they made school as enjoyable as it could be. 

Q: What’s the biggest difference between high school and college baseball? 

A: The biggest difference between high school and college baseball is definitely the pace at which the game is played. Everything happens so much faster in a college baseball game. Even though I didn’t get a chance to pitch in a game last season, I was fortunate enough to travel with the team and watch all the games from the dugout. The little things in baseball, whether it is hiding pitch grips or hitting spots, matter so much more in college than they did in high school. 

Q: How do you balance academics and athletics? 

A: Balancing academics and athletics is an issue that all athletes have to solve for themselves. I find it easy to do when I map out my schedule for the upcoming week on Sunday nights. If I have a plan to complete all of my schoolwork along with practices, it is much easier to get everything done. At IU, we have a lot of resources (academic advisors, study tables, etc.) that provide a lot of help and support to us student athletes.