ISSMA switched to a virtual competition


A student practices in orchestra class before the pandemic. This year students have been forced to practice at home.

Diego Barron, Reporter

Just like many other events during the current COVID-19 pandemic, ISSMA, the yearly music competition for students all around Indiana, is now all virtual instead of in person. Students will still be able to participate in either a solo or ensemble group, but will have to accommodate with the new format of the contest.

 Instead of performing in person, students will have to record themselves playing and submit it to be judged. However, what will be most different for some who are participating is the practice leading up the day of submitting the final recording of the piece. 

Meeting up in groups, traveling to someone’s house and even going to school have all been made much more difficult. This affects participating students playing in both a group and practicing one-on-one with a teacher who offers private lessons. 

Even with North Central going back to a hybrid schedule, it still isn’t possible for whole groups of players to meet up and work on their pieces together and practice in an environment where they can hear each other and offer feedback while they are playing. 

Recording for the contest will be done through the HeartOut Music Audition app. Uploading the final recording will be done from February 3 through February 24

“I really hope you guys work on your pieces at home,” Elliot Lentz said, “you guys are all wonderful players and this is a great opportunity for you and your group.”

Lentz is the director of orchestras at North Central and still believes in his students to give a great performance while being online.

“Please email me if you have any questions, and I really hope you all participate in ISSMA this year,” Lentz said.

Mr. Lentz has offered a lot of support to students, encouraging them to participate in ISSMA this year. He’s offered help during student support, answered questions through email, and letting groups work on their pieces during class.