MIC students share opinions about NC: Center Grove


Junior Bella Hodges from Center Grove.

The Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC) is one of the biggest, most competitive conferences in the state and has even been nationally recognized as a superior secondary athletic conference. The MIC consists of eight schools; Ben Davis, Carmel, Center Grove, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, North Central, Pike and Warren Central. Each of the schools have different relationships and rivalries for different competitions.The NCHSLive! Team looked to get a deeper understanding and insight of what the MIC schools think of each other.

Juniors at Center Grove Bella Hodges and Jordan Vaughns both participate in sports and have been to North Central before. When describing the school, both had positive views.

“I would describe it as lively. NC’s student body has always been full of energy at athletic events I’ve been to, and the school has always advocated school spirit and student participation,” Hodges said. 

Vaughns, a basketball player, describes North Central as “very athletic” because of his history playing against them in basketball and watching them compete in other sports such as football. 

“Whether we admit it or not, when we think of certain schools we know what they are most ‘known for’ or specifically excel at,” Vaughns said. 

That includes North Central. “I think North Central is known for their athletics, as they are really competitive with other schools.” Vaughns said, praising North Central’s athletic department. 

Hodges had a different opinion but also mentioned athletics. “From an outside perspective, NC is most known for its diversity. It also has some of the most vast academic programs and competitive athletic teams in the state,” Hodges said. 

While they had good impressions on NC, they were also asked what North Central is known for not being good at. “I don’t know of anything that NC is known for not being at. The school has always had a reputation for being successful and driven as far as I’m aware,” Hodges said with no negative remarks. 

Vaughns thought otherwise, “I think they’re known for not being good at basketball. They have really good individual players but can’t play as well as a team.” 

Most MIC schools have similar facilities, but often vary in size and quality. “I’ve been on North Central’s campus multiple times and I’ve always been impressed by the size of it. It gives the impression that students have access to many different facilities that assist them in excelling in both academics and athletics,” Hodges said. 

Vaughns took a different approach and talked about one specific element of NC’s campus. “I think the best part of North Central’s campus is their basketball court. It’s a large and nice gym.” 

 “If I had to go to  any other school I would go to Lawrence North because they have a really good basketball team and I think I would do well playing there,” Vaughns said. 

 “I would most likely choose North Central. It’s academic and athletic history, in my opinion, surpasses the other MIC schools. Even though most schools have great qualities, North Central has stood out the most to me. I feel as if they offer the most opportunities and have a distinguished reputation.” Hodges said. 

The MIC conference is full of many different types of schools that are all unique and different from one another. When asked about how they would describe the conference both Center Grove students had positive things to say. “The MIC all in all is very talented in most things they participate in,” Vaughns said, as a student-athlete. 

Hodges has been a varsity cross country and track athlete in the conference for several years and knows a lot about it and different schools. “I would describe the MIC as competitive. Every school has its own set of strengths, but the conference as a whole is very competitive in almost everything” Hodges said.

Junior Jordan Vaughns from Center Grove.