Senior cellist flourishes in NC’s orchestra program


A student practices in orchestra class before the pandemic. This year students have been forced to practice at home.

Max Simmel

Symphony Orchestra, NC’s top orchestra, is a high level program requiring years of experience and practice to be involved in. For first chair senior cellist Isaac Camara, however, music comes easily to him.

“I enjoy how free it feels. It feels like I’m just humming a tune and not thinking much at all. Sometimes, I daydream about the music,” Camara said.

Camara began playing cello at 7 years old and was homeschooled until junior high, where he attended Coram Deo Academy in Carmel. During his time at Coram Deo, Isaac did not play in the school orchestra. Instead, he accompanied the choir for their performances.

Camara’s mom briefly played the piano and his dad doesn’t even play an instrument. Camara drew musical inspiration from other sources.

“I am inspired by Jacqueline Du Pre, an amazing cellist who had Multiple Sclerosis. She was amazing,” Camara said.

Along with playing in NC’s top orchestra, Camara also is a part of the New World Youth Orchestra, one of the most prestigious youth orchestras in the nation.

“NWYO is way harder. To be honest, high school orchestra and NWYO do not compare,” Camara said.

Camara is also involved in an orchestra program at IU Bloomington. In the program, participants are provided an opportunity to immerse themselves in their chosen instrumental discipline for several days or weeks with some of the finest music educators in the country.

Although Camara devotes much of his extracurricular time to cello, he wants to pursue 3D animation as a career. Camara hopes to continue playing cello as a hobby for as long as he can.