Weights teacher Will Clarke resigns


Connor Thompson

Every day for the last eight years students participating in the school’s weights program have walked into the weight room expecting to see the same face. As of November 22, this is no longer the case. Head strength and conditioning coach Will Clarke resigned from his position at NC to become a firefighter in Lawrence Township.

Clarke ran the school’s weightlifting program, boosting the strength of both athletes and non-athletes. At times, there are up to 80 students in a single class period. During the summer, Clarke organized weights sessions for various sports teams.

Despite the large class sizes and summer commitments, Clarke will greatly miss his job.

“I will miss the students and my coworkers,” Clarke said. 

As Clarke announced his decision, numerous students personally thanked him for what he had done for them throughout high school. Some students were even brought to tears.

Clarke was able to help students improve not only their strength but conditioning as well. He especially enjoyed seeing his students make progress in these areas.

“My favorite part was helping others and seeing them succeed after struggle,” Clarke said.

Clarke is temporarily replaced by Shawn Carver. Carver assisted Clarke during summer workouts and filled in when Clarke was absent during school over the past two years.