Quinn’s How To #3: Staying organized in school

Quinns How To #3: Staying organized in school

Tip 1. Have a notebook and folder for every class.

Every student should have a notebook and folder for each class. Sharing the same folder for different classes can result in papers being misplaced. Dedicated folders helps students keep track of handouts from their respective classes. It is the same deal with a notebook. It is hard to keep track of all notes for one class when they are mixed up with another class’ notes. Having one notebook per class keeps notes more organized and can lead to students having an easier time studying.

Tip 2. Students should color coordinate their materials.

Having the same color notebook and folder can help students stay organized. For example, a green notebook and folder for chemistry and a red notebook and folder for world history. When students color coordinate, it is harder to misplace handouts and worksheets.

Tip 3. Students should keep track of their schedule and homework in a planner.

Writing down when homework assignments are specifically due for each class in an assignment planner is key to staying on top of schoolwork. Students can decide on a time to do homework based on which day it is due much more easily. Procrastination is less of an issue and students are less likely to forget to do homework assignments for their classes. The improvements in a student’s time management because of a planner are invaluable.