Opinion: the tardy room policy is flawed


Owen Sickles

The tardy room policy is unnecessary. The tardy room makes many situations more complicated than they need to be. 

At a large school enrolling nearly 4,000 students with six minute passing periods, it is already difficult for some students to be on time for certain classes, especially if the classrooms are on opposite sides of the building. On many occasions, students arrive to class within 30 seconds after the bell and are sent to the tardy room instead of being let into class.

I truly do not understand why teachers are advised to force students to miss the entire class period as punishment for being under a minute late. If a student is making the effort to come to class, what is the point of making them miss? Isn’t going to class the entire reason that we spend our weekdays at the school in the first place? 

When students show up to school and are barred from attending their scheduled classes, it is a waste of the student’s time for no legitimate reason. If a student is trying to make it to class but arrives slightly after the bell, the school should not force them to miss class. However, if a student shows up 10-15 minutes late to class, I completely understand why a teacher should turn them away and not let them in. Students arriving significantly late obviously are not making an attempt to show up to class on time. These instances are often not the case though. 

Overall, I think the current tardy policy is pointless and impractical. It is borderline disrespectful to turn away a student that was trying to make it to class on time.